Friday, March 31, 2006


This is the weekend before the week! From Monday, builders are invading the house, bringing chaos and destruction with them, and the big work starts, … The plan for the coming week is as follow:

Monday: the wall between the kitchen and the dining room (img.1 & 2) comes down, and the rest of the kitchen gets stripped out, leaving us with just a cooker, a sink and loads of dust in there.

IMG 1: The kitchen

IMG 2: The dining room as it is now

Tuesday: the boiler (currently in the kitchen) is disconnected and works begin on getting the pipes sorted so the new boiler can bit fitted in the loft. This means that we won’t have any hot water or central heating. Good job the weather’s finally warming up a bit.

IMG 3: The old bathroom and the rather subtle green toilet

Wednesday/Thursday/Friday: more of the above. Hopefully, the new boiler should be fitted toward the end of the week.

Also coming: the wall between the bathroom and the toilet get pulled down, the old bathroom suit and toiled (img. 3) get stripped out, and this feels even more like chaos! We know we’ve got a good 5 to 6 weeks of this, but the good thing is that we’re actually going away before the end of the work, so it will actually be nice to come back to a brand spanking new kitchen/dining room and extended bathroom!

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