Monday, April 03, 2006


"Is it too late to change my mind about that wall?" thinks Sean...

That's it, it's all started, and so far, not too much dust considering... The wall between the dining room and the kitchen has come down (img. 1), and it is already looking VERY different. It gives us a bit more of a feel for the space that we're having to play with and also gives us a clearer idea of what the final room will look like. To everybody's surprise, that wall was not actually supporting anything, so this gave Tony the idea to open up the gap left by the old door to the back toilet, as this is actually a supporting wall, and use the metal beam to support this part of the house. As long as the whole thing doesn't cave in on us, I'm happy.

IMG 1: The wall has come down

IMG 2: This is what I call an open kitchen

The back wall of the kitchen and the toilet wall at the back have also come down, but the guys have left the toilet, so it is now possible to sit on the bog and wave at the neighbours across the road. That's a novel idea and should make us very popular with the locals...

IMG3: "The toilet's at the back, luv'."

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