Wednesday, May 03, 2006


It’s been nearly a week since I updated this blog last, and things have been moving steadily while I was away. The kitchen units at the back are pretty much all in now, and the work surface is partly down (img1-2), but, despite all this, it still seems as it will be a while until it is completed. There are some delays with MFI to deliver some of the missing bits, and there’s also been a bit of an issue with one of the guys cutting the work top to fit the sink the wrong way round. These things happen I suppose, but it means a further delay with this. At least, we are away from Friday, so we shouldn’t have to suffer chaos much longer.

The kitchen is starting to look more kitcheny

The tiling in the bathroom is almost complete now (img3-8), apart from the floor, which, I suppose will be finished while we’re away. The shelves unit is taking shape too, with the back panel now in place so the pipes are hidden, and half of the unit tiled. There are some issues in the bathroom too. The plate that’s supposed to sit behind the taps, landscape-way, has been engraved… portrait way! Sean’s spoke to the bathroom people and apparently it is the case with all their stock, so they are apparently going to send our to be polished… they’re good guys.

IMG3-7: Tiles and more tiles, what was done while I was away...

IMG8: ...and more progress from today.

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