Thursday, April 27, 2006


It’s been a few days since the last update, and there’s been some more progress on quite a few fronts. The carpet’s all gone in the hallway, staircase and landing (img1-2).

IMG1-2: Who needs carpet anyway?...

The kitchen floor was finished on Tuesday (img3). The section in the dining room is protected with boards to avoid any damage (img4). Since, the guys have started putting the kitchen units together (img5-7) and the new fridge and freezer and double oven are in place (img8-9).

IMG3: The north wing of the dance floor.

IMG4: The dining room floor protected with board.

IMG5-7: The first kitchen units

IMG8: The new fridge and freezer.

IMG9: I have it in good authority that two ovens are necessary.

In the bathroom, the new taps have been fitted (img10-11), and the guys have started to tile (img12-14), and it is all looking really sexy.

IMG10-11: The new taps

IMG12-14: Now, this is starting to look more like it...

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