Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Came back home this evening to find the lounge all floored up and looking nice and lovely (img1-2). We haven’t reached the stage where we can move back in quite yet, and there is still work to be done in the room, but we are certainly getting closer to get the place back to what it is destined to be, that is a perfectly functioning lounge. We are looking forward to be able to watch TV elsewhere than in bed. In fact, the bedroom has become our main living space in the last week as we don’t currently have any table to eat on either.

IMG1-2: The wooden floor in the lounge

Although the kitchen/dining room is still pretty busy with boxes and some of what used to be in the lounge, we have been able to use the hob and oven for the first time at the weekend (img3), and this continues to improve our standard of living in the house. There is still a layer of dust on kitchen utensils that aren’t being used and on most of the visible work surface, so this weekend coming will be spent cleaning, cleaning and cleaning some more… If Anthea Turner is free this weekend, she’s more than welcome to come and give us a hand… I promise to be civil toward her! Now, that’s an offer or what?...

IMG3: This is an almost fully-functioning kitchen

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