Monday, June 12, 2006


Nearly three months in, Tony and his team have completed the work on the house toward the end of last week, and on Saturday, we had the cleaners in, and a jolly good job they did too. Now, we actually have a clean fully working kitchen/dining room (img1-3), and the dining room table has now been assembled again and is sitting in its prime location (img4-6).

IMG: The all-clean kitchen from the dining room.

IMG2: We can now use this wonder of modern life that is our gas hob.

IMG3: Another view of the kitchen.

The lounge is also looking a lot more cosy now that it’s had the mop/hoover/duster treatment (img7-9), and we can now enjoy watching TV (or the world go by since we don’t currently have any blinds/curtains) in much more comfort than in previous weeks.

IMG4-5: The dining room table as it was, and as it is now.

IMG6: Two become one: the dining room and kitchen as one.

IMG7: Sean enjoying a bit of that footie-worldie-cuppie thing that's going on at the moment...

IMG8-9: Dust-free lounge.

Tony will be back in a few weeks just to get the last bits and pieces sorted, and the carpet is not due until another couple of weeks, but this is very much the end of the big work, and it has been all worth while.

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