Thursday, June 01, 2006


We had, until Tuesday, one room, the lounge, left untouched, albeit very messy and extremely dusty (img1). This is not the case anymore. Monday, Sean and I shifted whatever was in there (clothes rails, boxes, kitchen utensils, table… you name it, we had it stored in that one room), to other rooms so the guys could get started on it.

IMG1: The subtlety and entertainment value of the old iridescent wallpaper is lost on picture.

Now, the (vile) wallpaper’s gone, the walls have been plastered and are now drying off gently (img2-4). The carpet, which was in dire need of ripping off, has been ripped off and is now sitting outside, waiting for a skip to materialise (img5). The new floor should be laid down as soon as the walls and ceiling have been painted, which should hopefully be early next week. This means that, apart from the two bedrooms, we do not have any other room properly finished.

IMG2: The lounge looking rather more empty than in recent weeks.

IMG3-4: The thing under the dust sheets is not, as one could think, a piano but a couple of settees.

IMG5: Carpet: burn!

Annoyingly, we are still missing waste pipes in both the kitchen (img6) and the bathroom (img7), although this is due to be fixed imminently (today).

IMG6-7: Pipes to nowhere.

The hole in the back wall of the kitchen should also finally be filled with a brand spanking new window (img8), and the back door changed by the time we get home this evening, which will bring us a step closer to completion. Hurray!

IMG8: The wooden window is due to be replaced with a glass one - what a novel idea!

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