Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Simple pleasures can be very satisfying… This is what I am currently experiencing, what with the kitchen sink being in perfect working order (img1), it means that I can actually do the dishes without having to go and fill a bowl up in the bathroom. This may not sound like the greatest advancement in history, but it makes a real difference to me, thank you for asking.

IMG1: The kitchen flamingo being put through its paces.

I was actually busy with breakfast dishes this morning when I looked up through the window and thought that the view was rather pleasing (img2). For a while, I observed a dove feeding on the garage roof while a cat was doing its morning clean on top of another garage roof in the distance. Definitely beats looking at a brick wall!...

IMG2: The view from the washing up observation post.

Since the grass was mowed at the end of last week and the crap that had progressively filled it has been removed, the garden is looking positively better (img3). The guys have also cleared the garage now (img4), so we could actually (almost) start using it to park the car again.

IMG3: Paparazzi-view of the crap-free, freshly mowed garden.

IMG4: The garage hasn't looked this 'tidy' for a while.

The floor in the hall was laid on Saturday (img5), and the lounge should be done sometime this week, as soon as the last coat of paint has been applied (img6), which means that we are getting near completion (TETC (Tony’s expected time of completion): Thursday). The banister is now finished painting and varnishing (img7), and all the doors upstairs have got brand new handles (img8), so we don't run the risk of getting locked in a room with no way to get out, as it happened to Sean the other night!

IMG5: New floor in the hallway.

IMG6: The lounge looking a lot fresher than it did before.

IMG7: Close encounter with the banister.

IMG8: No fork, just handles.

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