Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Not so much of a major change today, but it is perhaps also because I was working from home, so I kind of followed the progress a bit. With the wall between the kitchen and dining room turning out not to support anything, Tony (our builder) suggested we open up the wall at the back of the kitchen and use the metal joist to support the wall there.

IMG1: Another bit of wall has come down

Today, his guys pulled the wall down (img. 1 & 2) and got the joist in place, and it has actually opened up the back section of the kitchen completely, bringing in tones of natural light. When the back window gets sorted, this room will actually have even more natural light coming in, which is just great. At the moment though, all you can see when you come in is the bog at the back!...

IMG2: The view from the current kitchen door, before it gets blocked out.

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