Monday, April 24, 2006


Dust gets everywhere, and it finally got on my nerves. Look at the state of our poor turntable (img1)! I know vinyls are supposed to be a thing of the past, but there’s a limit to how much dust one can leave untouched. I know I am fighting a loosing battle, so I only did dust the Hi-Fi (some would say I’ve got my priorities all wrong, but wishing to play the beautiful new Vetiver album while writing tonight’s update, I couldn’t play it on a dusty Hi-Fi system, could I?).

IMG1: This is not a 'before/after' picture, this is a 'during' picture...

Mess is a state of affair when building work is going on, and the front garden is a proof of it. (img2). I won’t even bother with the back garden. First thing I noticed when I got home is a strong smell in the hallway. Looking closer, the rest of the wallpaper has come off and the walls have had bonding of some description applied to them (img3-6).

IMG2: We may have a storage issue.

IMG3-6: The hallway, staircase and landing stripped bear

I spent part of Saturday working in the office while the guys were just above me laying boarding in the loft (img7-8). At times, they were banging so hard it felt as if the whole house was about to collapse on my head.

IMG7-8: The loft boarding

Not much progress in the bathroom, apart for the channeling for the bath pipes, tapes and spout (img9), and, to go onto my favourite topic, we have played musical throne this weekend, with the old one from upstairs interestingly being replaced with the old green one from downstairs (img10). Not really sure why… Perhaps to keep us on our toes!

IMG9: Nice brick effect in the bathroom.

IMG10: The chameleloo... even David Cameron finds it hard to keep up.

The biggest change has been in the dining room. Seeing as everything’s been shifted to the kitchen (img11), the new wood flooring has been partly laid down (img12-14), and it looks really nice.

IMG11: The kitchen is rather cosy at the moment.

IMG12-14: The newly-laid floor in the dining room.

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