Tuesday, April 11, 2006


The guys have started on the bathroom now (img1-3), which means that we do not have any bath, shower or sink, and the only way to flush the loo upstairs is to use a bucket! Actually, the only tap that’s got hot water is the tap outside (img4), and while the toilet downstairs is still connected (flushing with hot water if you don’t mind), it is also covered with dust and muck. Not ideal, clearly.

IMG1: Lonely toilet

IMG2: There used to be a bath, a sink and a partition wall

IMG3: er... what's that supposed to do in a bathroom?

IMG4: Our only hot-water supply

Tony said that his guys will be plastering the bathroom tomorrow so they can at least get the bath in on Thursday on time for the weekend. Should be fun!

Elsewhere, the plastering in the dinning room is going well (img5). The sink in the kitchen has now been disconnected and moved a bit (img6-7). Apparently, Tony will try to get the sink connected to the waste pipe again for the weekend.

IMG5: Part of the newly-plastered dinning room

IMG6: Where the kitchen used to be...

IMG7: ...and where it is now!

Surely, the only way is up from here! The kitchen is being delivered mid-next week, and the tiles for the bathroom should be in soon, so I suspect that things will start to fall into place from there…

Sean's choosen to stay away tonight. Wimp! He's missing all the fun.

Our survival kit... boxes with the bear essential in the lounge.

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