Sunday, April 16, 2006


This is Easter weekend, so I am sure the neighbours will have thoroughly enjoyed the piece and quiet of the last couple of days. Sean being away in Jersey all weekend, I have been able to enjoy dust-heaven on my own.

Things are still moving pretty quickly, and I believe that major changes will be happening in the next couple of weeks, with the kitchen being delivered on Wednesday, the back door and new back window fitted soon and the bathroom fully kitted, including underfloor heating. As it stands, the bathroom is relatively rudimentary (img1-4), but thanks to Tony and his very efficient team, I have a fully working bath. And it is fucking huge too! The first time I stepped in it and lied down, I nearly drowned as my feet couldn’t actually touch the end! Since, I’ve had a bath everyday (it’s that or stinking), so I can imagine that the Kent and Surrey reservoirs are getting a real hammering. I must admit that, although having showers at work has been an “interesting” experience, I am glad to know that I will be able to leave the house fresh on Tuesday morning.

IMG1: All mod-cons and all that...

IMG2: Unashamed opulence.

IMG:3-4: These aren't just copper taps, these are the finest, most delicately hand-crafted taps made with the most luxurious Brazilian copper this side of B&Q.

The living area is quite precarious too. We still have an outside hot water tape, a luxury that has made us the envy of our street, and the sink is still standing (img5), although it is not connected to any waste pipe. We are using a bowl to wash up (img6), and, force of habit, on the first night, I nearly emptied it in the sink. Now, I can imagine how funny that would have been! The cooker is standing on its own now, looking more desolate by the minute (img7), and the only part of the dining room used is still that one corner where the fridge, freezer, microwave oven, kettle and bread bin are (img8).

IMG5: Everything but the kitchen sing

IMG6: The bowl in the sink

IMG7: Even for a seriously cooking-impaired person like me, this is not ideal.

IMG8: This is hardly The Ivy...

Now, those of you who have been following this blog since the early days will remember me mentioning our hot-water-flushed open-plan back-kitchen toilet, which used to be, funnily enough, a back toilet. Well, I thought it was time to reveal the conditions in which we have been living and give this fine piece of enamelware its fifteen minute of fame, so enjoy these couple of pictures (img9-10). Soon, this “facility” will be gone forever… (may turn up on eBay at some point though…)

IMG9-10: Our now world-famous downstairs throne, as part of our open-plan toilet.

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