Friday, April 21, 2006


The floor in the kitchen extension at the back was not quite level with the rest of the house, so the guys had to lower it a bit by knocking the concrete that was there and redoing it (img1-2). The manhole has also been changed, all ready for the guys to start laying the floor next week. From there, that part of the house is going to start looking more habitable. I can’t wait. The dining room ceiling has received its second coat of white paint (img3).

IMG1-2: The concrete floor in the extension

IMG3: The dining room ceiling looking positively whiter than the walls

In the bathroom, things are progressing. No major change but the plumbing for the towel rail and the new sink seem to be sorted (img4-5), but the bath fixtures haven’t been changed yet. Think should start to improve there too from next week.

IMG4-5: More progress in the bathroom
Continuing on my now recurring toilet topic, I am dying to finally get something that can be used without requiring full decontamination first and manual treatment after use (img6).

IMG6: Luxury muck...

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