Saturday, April 08, 2006


This year's must-have accessory: a big yellow skip outside the house

Welcome to Saturday morning. I was looking forward to a bit of a lie-in this morning as every time I’ve been at home, the builders didn’t turn up until after 9.30. This morning however, they got in at 8.30, blasting through my hope of waking up nicely. Since, there’s been a lot of banging as they are preparing the kitchen to fit the electrics and plumbing. This prompted Frank, the neighbour, to come around and have a moan, which is becoming a bit of a regular feature. The guys know that they legally can bang, drill, knock and generally make a whole lot of noise until 1pm, and I really hope they do! Take that Frank!...

The old kitchen door is now completely blocked (img1-3), which is a bit strange as this obviously changes the traffic flow in the house drastically. The boiler has been fitted in the loft (img4-5), and it looks like we will have hot water and heating back on by this evening.

IMG1: Can you see what it is yet?

IMG2: Yep, this used to be a door

IMG3: The blocked door from the dining room

IMG4: The new boiler in the loft

IMG5: Pipes in the loft

It all feels like work is going well, which is good news. Sean’s had a bit of a worrying moment earlier when one of the builders told him that there would be a bit of a gap in a couple of places in the kitchen, so we are now going to get back to the kitchen people to change a couple of cupboards.

Stairway to dust heaven

The new pipes going through the bathroom

Looking down to the kitchen

Looking up to the loft and the old chimney stack

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