Tuesday, April 18, 2006


There was always going to be one thing more difficult to deal with than the absence of shower or bath facility, that is the lack of working toilet. Great then! We have officially no mechanically-flushed toilet anymore. The upstairs loo has been flush-less ever since the bathroom was pulled apart (was it only last week?), and today, the loo downstairs has lost its flush too.

It may appear as if I have been developing some kind of unhealthy toilet obsession in recent days, and I am actually wondering whether I’ll ever spend another day without mentioning any kind of throne or flush… none of them of the royal sort. When I got home tonight, I found a nice half-filled bright yellow bucket by the downstairs loo, and I began to suspect that something was going ever-so-slightly wrong (img1). On closer inspection, I noticed that the cistern top was lying against the wall, and that the cistern was empty… to my despair (img2). Obviously, although I was absolutely fine a moment before, I suddenly felt the need to use this new kind of facility, and believe me faithful readers, it is not the most glamourous thing I’ve even done.

IMG1: Bucket: 1 Spade: 0

IMG2: One of the Surrey reservoirs HAS ran dry

Meanwhile, the old back window has now gone (img3-4) and has been replaced with some nice boards, until the new window is put in place, which should hopefully be soon. The kitchen walls are now pretty much plastered, and I would suspect that the flooring is going to be laid imminentely. The kitchen is being delivered tomorrow.

IMG3-4: The old back window has gone.

Plastering in the bathroom is going well to. The guys were finishing the ceiling as I got home, and the new stud wall is also up (img6), which surely indicates that we’re close to get a working shower again. On the other side of the wall will be some shelves that we are planning to use to keep towels.

IMG5: We went for a drapé-style floor in the bathroom.

IMG6: The new wall where the shower will be.

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